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Former North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky

BES 2017 Mock Draft

Welcome to our first ever attempt at a mock draft! We typically avoid this practice seeing as there are an innumerable amount of mock drafts available for the hardcore draft enthusiast to examine, praise and criticize. However, we do intend to have more offseason and draft-related content for the 2017-2018 season and figured a last-minute mock on the eve of the 2017 NFL draft is as good a place to start as any.

Below, you will find our take on how the first round might play out. You will note each team’s pick features that team’s final BES ranking from last year including its final BES scores.  We felt this would give our readers a clear depiction of our reasoning. For example a pass rushing linebacker going to a team with a weak Pass Pressure score or a running back going to a team that struggled in Ball Control and Point Yield.

Along with our data, we researched offseason transactions and positional needs for each team. But above all else, we relied on basic intuition and gut instinct. Obviously, there will be picks many disagree with but that’s the beauty of it. Overall, this was a fun practice that we enjoyed and hope you will enjoy reading. We definitely look forward to doing this again next year and want to wish your favorite team(s) good luck in the draft.

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