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KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 17: Jamaal Charles #25 of the Kansas City Chiefs is tackled by Darius Kilgo #98 of the Denver Broncos during the game at Arrowhead Stadium on September 17, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Broncos’ Defense Has No Challengers On Horizon

The Broncos (2-0) currently hold the No. 1 spot atop the Week 2 BES Rankings with a score of 3.49. That score is largely due to the stifling and opportunistic play of their defense, currently ranked No. 1 in BES Defense with a 3.55.

Any viable threat to the Broncos defense likely won’t arise until Week 8 when they host the Green Bay Packers (2-0) who feature the No. 4 BES Offense (3.14) and are ranked fifth in BES Overall boasting a score of 3.28.

Prior to that match up, here are the teams lined up to face the Broncos in Weeks 3-6 (they have a bye in Week 7 prior to the Packers):

Week 3: @ Lions – No. 27 BES Offense  – Score =2.14 
On paper, the Lions pose absolutely no threat offensively. Even worse, they are 31st in BES Defense with a score of 1.79. That should help the Broncos offense which has yet to find its groove, ranking 23rd in BES Offense (2.26).

Week 4: vs Vikings – No. 17 BES Offense – Score = 2.43
The one main factor the Vikings have going for them is halfback Adrian Peterson who rushed for 134 yards on 29 carries against the Lions in Week 2. Any success Peterson has on the ground bodes well for the Vikings’ passing game. They have a Pass Protection score of 2.80.  That’s solid even against the Broncos Pass Pressure score of 4.00. The Vikings also possess the No. 10 BES Defense which could slow Manning & Co. enough to keep the game within reach. But homefield advantage for the Broncos could render all of this moot.

Week 5: @ Raiders – No. 7 BES Offense – Score = 2.77
With a score of 2.77 the Raiders seem like more of a threat than this article is giving them credit for. But upon closer examination, it’s the Raiders defense, ranked 32nd by the BES, that could put their offense in a real bind against the Broncos. If the Broncos build a big lead, the Raiders could be pressured into game-sealing mistakes offensively. Still, this is a divisional rivalry being played at the Black Hole, an x-factor in the Raiders favor.

Week 6: @Browns – No. 25 BES Offense – Score = 2.17
The Browns, at a glance, don’t seem worth mentioning based on the numbers. But there are two intangible factors that give them a chance. One, this will be the Broncos second consecutive road game. Two, the Broncos will likely be coming off a physically and emotionally draining contest against a divisional rival in the Raiders. But again, the numbers can not be ignored in what should be another impressive outing for Denver’s defense.

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  1. I sure hope not. Screw the donkeys. It’s our time to take back the West.

  2. Well Kevin Williams …we have to put the work in…take it to a new level. Beating Green Bay would be a tremendous start. That’d definitely alieviate the sting of last Thursday night.

    – Dez

  3. Sure would Dez, and they (meaning the Chiefs) need to see their potential like fans do. Loosen up and play, have fun, and breathe. Don’t beat themselves and prove it. I think the Chiefs D can be just as good or better as Denver. Andy Reid and crew need to get the offense running consistent, like Bob Sutton’s D. -Steve

  4. You’re joking right? That defense isn’t on KC’s level. Once at full strength we’re going to have the number one D in the league. Denver has a shit offense that Peyton is hindering. The defense doesn’t scare me because our o line held up to that pass rush.

  5. Kody Albert – Yes, once at full strength with Sean Smith back the Chiefs won’t have any weaknesses but that doesn’t mean Denver’s defense isn’t good.

    They’re for real, especially that back-7. Their bread and butter is forcing costly, game -changing turnovers. Only the Jets are comparable in that regard.

    On offense they may have found a groove. Looked like Peyton reverted to calling his old, no-huddle/shotgun offense and lit the Chiefs up. If that continues then they will be even more formidable.

    – Dez

    • He lit up one corner, and that’s a guy who shouldn’t even have been in there. Peters got tested and won more times than he lost aside from that TD. The secondary for Denver doesn’t scare me the way ours does. Tj Ward is overrated and aside from Chris Harris no one out there can I say wow they’re shut down. They couldn’t do anything against Baltimore. The RAIDERS lit them up for almost 40! We were picking apart the Denver defense as well. Minus those fumbles and a backfoot INT from Alex we steamroll them. That game still frustrates me


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