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Chiefs Could Exploit Weakness In Packers’ Armor

Our Week 2 BES Rankings depict a potentially lopsided Week 3 clash between the Packers (No. 5 BES Overall) and Chiefs (No. 18 BES Overall).  However, the Chiefs have a realistic chance to pull off a historic upset over the Packers at Lambeau Field on Monday night. The driving force behind the Packers’ success at home has been two-time league MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rudimentary logic …

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Broncos’ Defense Has No Challengers On Horizon

The Broncos (2-0) currently hold the No. 1 spot atop the Week 2 BES Rankings with a score of 3.49. That score is largely due to the stifling and opportunistic play of their defense, currently ranked No. 1 in BES Defense with a 3.55. Any viable threat to the Broncos defense likely won’t arise until Week 8 when they host the …

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Bengals: Most Balanced Team In The BES

Typically, teams in the top-5 of the BES rankings have one glaring strength and an opposing weakness. But that just isn’t so for the Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) who placed third overall in the Week 2 BES Rankings with a monstrous score of 3.41. Unlike the Broncos (2-0) who own the No. 1 BES Defense (3.55) but rank 23rd in BES Offense (2.26) …

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Chancellor Could Boost Struggling Seahawks

Nobody with a semblance of sanity would have expected the Seahawks to start their season 0-2. Yet, after suffering losses to their divisional rival St. Louis Rams and their 2014 NFC Championship foe Green Bay Packers, that is exactly where they sit. However, with news that Seahawks Pro Bowl safety Kam Chancellor has ended his holdout,  the outlook for the Seahawks …

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Week 2 BES Rankings

With the 2015 regular NFL season now two weeks old, the first issue of the BES rankings clearly reflects the strangeness that has occurred thus far. The Colts (No. 32), Seahawks (No. 25), Ravens (No. 24) and Lions (No. 30) – teams who were in the playoffs last January – have yet to register a win and it is vividly depicted by …

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