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Colts Skyrocket Up Latest Rankings

The Colts (3-3) 34-27 loss to the Patriots (5-0) in Week 6 wasn’t as bad as many pundits predicted it would be. Though the Patriots did distance themselves in the second half, the Colts entered halftime with a 21-20 lead over the defending Super Bowl Champions.

That’s an impressive performance in terms of the BES considering the Colts ranked 25th in our Week 5 rankings while the Patriots were No.1.

The distance between the two teams in our rankings implied the Colts would be blown out. Instead, they made it a highly competitive contest and the BES took notice.

In our Week 6 Rankings, the Colts jumped from No. 25 to No. 13, threatening to break into the Top-10. Their mercurial rise is due largely to their three-game winning streak against the AFC South in Weeks 3-5. However, their showing against the Patriots was the catalyst.

On the horizon for the Colts is a rugged three-game stretch that’ll see them host the Saints (No. 22) in Week 7, go on the road against the Panthers (No. 7) in Week 8 and then return home to confront the Broncos (No. 5) in Week 9 before a Week-10 bye.

If they emerge with a 2-1 or better record over that span, it’ll possibly secure them a spot in the Top-10 and position them as strong postseason contender.

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  1. Seeing their schedule…. Maybe 9-7 at best.

  2. 9-7 could end up being enough to win the AFC South the way things are going. – Dez

  3. And lose in playoffs in wildcard lol


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