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How The G-Men Made The BES Top-10

A spot in the BES Top-10 is difficult to earn and even harder to hold on to. A team has to string together impressive wins and build momentum to maneuver their way in. Once there, they have to maintain that level of play in order to hold their position.

In our Week 7 rankings, we introduced the Giants (4-3) as one of two newcomers to the BES Top-10. The Giants built the requisite momentum with a 4-1 record in their last five games. Let’s examine those four wins a bit closer to add some context on how the Giants propelled themselves up the BES rankings.

Giants QB Eli Manning (10) celebrates game-winning TD throw to TE Larry Donnell (84) on October 11, 2015 against the 49ers.
Giants QB Eli Manning (10) celebrates game-winning TD throw to TE Larry Donnell (84) on October 11, 2015 against the 49ers.

Week 3: Giants (0-2) defeat the Redskins (1-1) 32-21
Heading into this game, the Giants were ranked 29th in BES Overall with a score of 1.77 while the Redskins were No. 15 with a score of 2.47. Therefore, according to the BES, the Giants beat a better team as well as an NFC East foe. This win gave the Giants a slight bump to No. 27 heading into Week 4.

Week 4: Giants (1-2) defeat the Bills (2-1) 24-10
The Bills were ranked 12th in BES Overall when hosting the Giants for this game. This critical road win shot the Giants up to No. 21 before a Week 5 showdown with the 49ers, a historic NFC rival.

Week 5: Giants (2-2) defeat 49ers (1-3) 30-27
The 49ers were No. 28 in BES Overall at the time of this matchup and were the visiting team. However, the Giants won the game in thrilling fashion, scoring with 26 seconds left in regulation. This win greatly impressed the BES and shot them up to No. 16.

Week 7: Giants (3-3) defeat Cowboys (2-3) 27-20
Giants were No. 11 in BES Overall despite a Week 6 loss to the Eagles. Meanwhile, the Cowboys were No. 17 at the time of this pivotal NFC East clash. The Giants sealed this win by recovering a muffed punt with 1:36 left in the game.  The BES had seen enough and ushered the Giants into the No. 9 spot they now occupy.

Now that the Giants are in the BES Top-10, the question becomes how long can they remain there? They have two consecutive road games against the Saints (No. 14) in Week 8 and the Buccaneers (No. 25) in Week 9. How the Giants fair against that stretch will give a better sense of their authenticity as a BES Top-10 team.

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