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Steelers quarterback Michael Vick

Steelers Loss Opened A Top-10 Vacancy

Make no mistake about it, the Steelers (2-2) lost to the Ravens (1-3) in absolutely horrific fashion on Thursday night. A pair of botched fourth-and-short playcalls ultimately doomed the Steelers in overtime after two missed field goals evaporated their hopes in regulation.

At 2-2, the Steelers have fallen farther behind the Bengals (3-0) who hold first place in the AFC North and are currently ranked No. 5 in BES overall. They’ve also fallen completely out of the BES Top-10.

When we processed the numbers after the Thursday night clash, the Steelers emerged with a BES Overall score of 2.67. Historically, that score hasn’t been strong enough to hold a spot in the Top-1o. This means the Top-10 could  have a new occupant when our Week 4 BES rankings  go out on Tuesday.

A speculative glance at potential replacements for the Steelers puts the spotlight on two teams: the Vikings (2-1,No. 11, 2.75) and the Bills (2-1,No. 12, 2.69).

The Vikings have resided at No. 11 for two consecutive weeks so their time in the Top-10 is due. However, a tough road clash with the No.-1 ranked Broncos (3-0) could keep them out.

The Bills, on the other hand, have a more favorable matchup as they host the 1-2 Giants, ranked 27th in BES Overall.

Nevertheless, should both the Bills and Vikings win their respective games, the Vikings would win the promotion due to them facing a stronger opponent on the road. Either way, it’ll be fun to see exactly how all the dominoes fall.

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  1. Bad kicker kuzzo. We just sign a new one today lol

  2. And we got a former Kansas City Chief coach calling QB sweeps and outs on 4th & 1 when we got the best RB in the league right now lol

  3. True that Matt Jordan. They’re Mike Vick work twice as hard on a short work week.

  4. Right Shawn Ellis they worked him to hard and didn’t give the ball to a fresh Bell enough

  5. Desmond Bailey I had to plug that in there lol.. But Haley tries to hard at times when he should just simplify it especially for a QB who barely knows the offense and was thrown in there smh

  6. Someone like Mike Vick Matt Jordan smh.

  7. Steelers need Martavis Bryant back… and of course Big Ben

  8. Yeah that’s why he is a FORMER Chiefs coach lol! Those calls drove Chiefs fans crazy when that he was in KC Matt Jordan


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