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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr

The Silver and Black Attack is Coming Back

As the NFL embarks on the second half of its 2015 regular season, the Raiders sit comfortably in second place in the AFC West and are improving as a team, particularly on defense.

Here’s a snapshot of the changes in the Raiders BES numbers from Week 2 to Week 8:


As shown above, the Raiders opened the season at No. 22 in BES Overall in our inaugural Week 2 BES Rankings. Meanwhile, they placed dead last in BES Defense with an abysmal score of 1.62. Since then the unit has enjoyed a gradual climb to respectability, ranking 15th in BES Defense with a score of 2.55 in our Week 8 BES Rankings.

Raiders receiver Amari Cooper
Raiders receiver Amari Cooper

Offensively, the Raiders have been a mainstay among the Top-15 in BES Offense throughout the season but their numbers have declined recently.

That decline is due primarily to lackluster showings against the Bears (2-5) in Week 4 and the Broncos (7-0) in Week 5. However, if they continue to average 35.5 points per game like they have since returning from their Week 6 bye, then their BES Offense ranking will certainly rise.

As a team, the Raiders have ranked between No. 14 and No. 15 in BES Overall but they are currently enjoying a two-game winning streak. The Raiders undoubtedly hope to extend that streak with a third win on the road against the Steelers (4-4) in Week 9. Such a victory would potentially propel them up the BES rankings and possibly into the Top-10.

Nonetheless, for over a decade the Raiders were an afterthought in the  AFC West. From 2003 to 2014, the Raiders averaged a mere five wins per season.  However, with a potent offense and a defense that is gaining strength, it appears the Raiders are going to dramatically change all of that this year.

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  1. Been a fan of Carr since his Fresno State days.

  2. People have been saying Oakland was on the rise for the last decade. It was going to happen sooner or later. lol

  3. they’re only 1 game on the Chiefs.

  4. I have Carr in my fantasy, guy is killing it. -Steve

  5. I still hate the raiders I dont play fantasy or none of that junk its all chiefs around here RAIDER HATER

  6. It’ll be fun!! Been looking forward to some “gridiron” chiefs raiders matchups. Bring the rivalry back to what it was back in the 60s..

  7. kc should just lay down and get a new coach in the draft. lmao

  8. We’re barely into November. Pretty much anyone can look good for half a season or so.

  9. John Springer – The Chiefs are actually 1.5 games behind the Raiders. The Chiefs would need to beat Denver and the Raiders lose to both Pitt and Minn (in Oakland) for both teams to tie at 4-5. – Dez

  10. Bill Shuler – Well the Chiefs apparently didn’t get that memo lol. They have to go 6-2 the rest of the way for a remote shot at the postseason. – Dez

  11. Shawn Ellis Matt Jordan yall better watch out. Raiders playin some good football right now.

  12. I’ll give them some props but that’s it lol. But For some reason I think this is going to be a high scoring game.

  13. That’s what happens when you take a shot on a legit QB prospect. Al is dead, KC better wake up.

  14. They’re good at home, on the road? Not So much.

  15. The road back to Respectability is a tough one. The road to Dominance even tougher but the Raiders are coming for that Ass Bailey.
    Carr and Amari got loooong careers ahead of them. The future is Bright

  16. Silver and Black are coming back too attack against Chiefs….LMAO!!!

  17. I’m actually glad to see them playing well. Im all for a tougher AFC West

  18. Man I’m taking it one game at a time. Don’t wanna get too excited just yet. But thx for the love bro


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