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Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters (22) is tied for the NFL lead in interceptions with five and is a big reason the Chiefs have the highest Takeaways score (3.55) in this week's rankings.

Week 10 BES Rankings

From 17-point comebacks to winning, 32-yard touchdown runs  in the final seconds of regulation, this past weekend offered enough drama and suspense to pack a local movie theaters near you. Through the wild and unpredictable ride that was Week 10, the BES held steady with a 9-5 (.643) record based on our Week 9 Rankings.

Dolphins HB Jay Ajayi
Dolphins HB Jay Ajayi

One of the losses suffered by the BES was the Seahawks (6-2-1) 31-24 win over the Patriots (7-2) in Foxboro. The win did little to boost the Seahawks placement in our latest rankings. In fact,  they fell back one spot to No. 4. That is more so the result of a chain reaction caused by the Chiefs (7-2) leapfrogging both the Seahawks and Patriots to settle  into the No. 2 spot behind the Cowboys (8-1).

The Chiefs are now ranked second in both league and conference standings after culminating a five-game winning streak with a thrilling, come-from-behind 20-17 road victory over the Panthers (3-6). The Chiefs currently boast the No. 4 BES Offense with a commanding score of 2.97. The bulk of that stems from their excellent Ball Security  score of 3.71. They’ll face the No. 7-ranked BES defense when they host Buccaneers (4-5) in Week 11.

The Dolphins (5-4) crack the BES Top-10 this week after going 5-2 in their last seven games. Second-year halfback Jay Ajayi has rushed for 608 yards on 96 carries in the last four contests, averaging a beastly 6.3 yards per carry.  The Dolphins are establishing an identity  behind Ajayi’s running and a defense currently ranked No. 11 in the BES. They face the Rams (4-5) and 49ers (1-8) in Weeks 11 and 12 respectively as they try to stay in the thick of a tough AFC East.

The Giants (6-3) make their return to the BES Top-10 after their last appearance in our Week 3 Rankings. They presently enjoy a four-game winning streak  and own credit for the Cowboys only loss on the season so far. However, they still struggle with critical turnovers as evidenced by their 1.92 in Ball Security, by far the lowest of the top-10 teams.

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  1. Have a hard time with a ranking system that shows us 4th in offense and and 13th in defense….js

  2. I think we’re pretty close to the bottom in total offense, on or about 28th?

  3. You have to look at the Criteria….Ball Security, Pass Protection, Scoring ( “ability to score points” ..offense, special teams and defense as well) and Ball Control.

    BES Offense isn’t in the traditional sense of yards and points scored on offense only. It’s a different take on performance.

    Ball Security is the big one for the Chiefs….one turnover in the last five games. Pass Protection as well.

    – Dez

  4. No Nick foles ,; No happy holidays


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