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Week 13 BES Rankings

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This week’s rankings continue the trend of depicting teams surging toward the postseason. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Top-10 where some six and seven-win teams are gaining significant strength down the stretch.

The Chiefs (7-5) extend their reign atop the BES Overall rankings to a second consecutive week, registering a monstrous score of 3.68, a .20 improvement over their already impressive mark of 3.48 in our Week 12 rankings. With their 34-20 win over the Raiders (5-7) in Week 12, the Chiefs completed a road sweep of the AFC West, something they haven’t done since 1995.

The BES isn’t the only metric recognizing the Chiefs as having the strongest late-season momentum. Football Outsiders also had the Chiefs No. 1 in their long-established and well-reputed Weighted DVOA ratings from Week 12. Former All-Pro defensive back Champ Bailey recently offered the Chiefs as a potential Super Bowl dark horse on The Herd with Colin Cowherd:

Joining the Chiefs in the late-season dash to January  are the Seahawks (7-5) who have moved up to the No. 6 spot in this week’s rankings. The defending NFC Champions are 4-1 in their last five games and are improving on both sides of the ball, evidenced by their Top-10 ranking in both BES Offense (2.62, No. 8) and BES Defense (2.82, No. 5).

The Patriots continue their slide, landing at No. 5 in BES Overall after a 35-28 loss to the Eagles (5-7) at home. Their offense continues to decline after a rash of key injuries, primarily to All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski (knee) and receiver Julian Edelman (foot). The injury problems are further compounded by the fact that the remainder of the Patriots schedule features three road trips including a Week 14 visit to the Texans (6-6) who placed third in BES Overall this week.

The Panthers (12-0), meanwhile, remain at the No. 2 spot. However, they boast a stronger BES Overall score of 3.37  compared to their score of 3.26 last week. They narrowly escaped the Saints (4-8) in a 41-38 thriller in Week 12. Of note, the Saints were ranked No. 12 heading into that contest but have plummeted to No. 23 in the wake of the loss, their fourth in as many weeks.

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  1. Interesting metric, but you have to admit that if strength of opponent was factored into their equations, we probably wouldn’t be the top dogs.

    • I agree in some aspects with that but you also have to look at how teams gear up to play good teams or teams that they know are hot at the moment……you can’t say the panthers 11-0 at the time didn’t steam roll the saints which was 3-8, matter of fact they came back with less than 2:00 to play…..Record doesn’t tell the strength of a team or the whole story! Just my humble opinion.

  2. Every team has an easier part of their schedule. We are playing as good as anybody right now i wouldn’t be scared to match up with any team.

  3. Kyle Petersen – Strength of schedule is factored in but not in the traditional way of looking merely at win-loss record. The BES looks at how well the Chiefs opponents were playing AT THE TIME they confronted the Chiefs along with other factors like being on the road, division rival,etc. Bare in mind the Chiefs were ranked 32nd by the BES after their 1-5 start…so they’ve fought their way out of the grave and the BES recognized that. – Dez

    • I misread the explanation of how the score is generated in the FAQ. I thought it specifically said strength of opponent, home vs away etc were not figured into the equation. It actually says they are figured into the final score, though not specifically how. My mistake.

    • It’s okay. There is a lot going on under the hood of the BES that produces the rankings. It’s a relatively new metric so I understand the curiosity as to how it works – Dez

  4. Still too early to name them Champ Bailey’s Super Bowl dark horse lol hint hint the key injuries.

  5. Matt Thompson watch the video inside the link of champ bailey

  6. Chiefs playing very Royalesque

  7. With how many players out and next man up not lost much lost the center part of the o-line Thomas Charles west and we still play on two teams that had something to play for and we beat them


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