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Halfback Latavius Murray (25) has helped the Minnesota Vikings lead the BES in Ball Control for four consecutive weeks.

Week 15 BES Rankings

Chiefs HB Kareem Hunt

With two weeks left in the regular season, the BES is more reflective of the playoff picture. Our Week 15 BES Rankings features a top-5 that has clinched their respective divisions and/or a playoff berth. Furthermore, the teams ranked No. 6 – 10 remain in heavy contention for divisional titles or wildcard spots.

Outside of the BES Top-10, there’s movement by other contenders, specifically The Kansas City Chiefs (8-6) who moved up from No. 15 to No. 12. Coming off back to back wins over the Oakland Raiders (6-8) and Los Angeles Chargers (7-7), the Chiefs gained +.18 points in BES Overall and need one more win to clinch the AFC West.

Accuracy Update

The BES had a solid showing in Week 15 with an 11-5 (.688) record according to our Week 14 rankings.  Also of note, the BES is 45-19 (.703) in the last four weeks. Here’s an overview of how the BES has performed from week to week:

TOP-10 Report

Vikings QB Case Keenum

Vikings No. 1 For Third Consecutive Week   The Vikings extend their  reign atop the BES to three weeks after clinching the NFC North Championship in Week 15. Their BES Overall score of 3.45 also held steady for a second consecutive week.

Despite their loss on the road to the Carolina Panthers in Week 14, the Vikings remain one of the NFC’s most formidable teams. They boast the No. 1 BES Offense with a leading Ball Control score of 3.33 and second-ranked Ball Security score of 3.45. Meanwhile, the Vikings No. 5 BES Defense ranks second in the NFL in scoring, total defense and run defense.

Patriots QB Tom Brady

Patriots Edge Out Steelers for No. 3  After a controversial win over the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3), the New England Patriots (11-3) squeeze into the No. 3 spot in our Week 15 BES Rankings.

More importantly, The Patriots clinched the AFC East and seized the lead in the race for home field advantage.  While the media was preoccupied with the Philadelphia Eagles (12-2) and Los Angeles Rams (10-4) this season, the Patriots have quietly re-asserted themselves as arguably the best team in the NFL.

Category Leaders

Ball Security: Carolina Panthers (3.46)
Pass Protection: Pittsburgh Steelers (3.28)
Point Yield: New England Patriots (3.27)
Ball Control: Minnesota Vikings (3.33)
Point Suppression: Jacksonville Jaguars (3.71)
Pass Pressure: Los Angeles Chargers (3.24)
Takeaways: Baltimore Ravens (3.54)

BES Game of Week 16

  • Falcons (No. 11) @ Saints (No. 7): When these two clashed in Week 14, the Falcons knocked star HB Alvin Kamara out of the game which aided their 20-17 win over of the Saints. However, Kamara is back and the Saints are at home. Needless to say, there will be a hint of  vengeance attached to this battle for the NFC South.

2017 Week 1 BES Rankings Scale/Key

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