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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

Week 4 BES Rankings

The regular season is four weeks in and the dust is beginning to settle. The Patriots (3-0) are the new team atop our rankings this week, replacing the Broncos (4-0) who enjoyed a three-week reign at No. 1.

The Broncos’ 23-20 win over the Vikings (No. 9) is what ultimately caused their slide. Though the Vikings lost, they arguably gave the Broncos their most competitive game of the season.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid
Chiefs coach Andy Reid

The Vikings’ performance didn’t surprise us as we’ve been tracking their campaign to enter our Top-10 for the last two weeks. They’ve moved into ninth place after losses by the Steelers (No. 10) and Cowboys (No. 12) provided the upward propulsion.

Elsewhere, the Seahawks (2-2) jumped from No. 23 in our Week 3 Rankings to No. 18 this week. We previously speculated that safety Kam Chancellor would make a positive impact on their team , evidenced by their 2-0 record since he ended his holdout. He arguably made the defensive play of the year in their controversial 13-10 win over the Lions in Week 4.

Lastly, the Chiefs (No. 23) are 1-3 which is far below preseason expectations where many pundits lifted them as the favorite to claim the AFC West title.

To the Chiefs credit, they suffered three consecutive losses against teams in the BES Top-5: Week 2 vs Broncos (No. 3), Week 3 @ Packers (No.4) and Week 4 @ Bengals (No. 5). That’s the toughest three-game stretch for any team in the league during that same span based on our data.

Things lighten up a bit for them over the next four weeks with three games at home: Week 5 vs Bears (No. 32), Week 6 @ Vikings (No. 9), Week 7 vs Steelers (No. 10) and Week 8 vs Lions (No. 31).

Nevertheless, here’s how all 32 teams stack up as of Week 4:

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  1. I guess I was just hoping WE had a Top 5 team.

  2. Jeremy Peck I think every Chiefs fan did, especially after an offseason of being hyped as a lock to be AFC West Champions and one of the best teams in the conference. This was a rough lesson in ‘Seeing is believing’ for both fans and outside observers.

    – Dez

  3. It would still be nice to see a touchdown or 2

  4. I agree… I remember looking at our schedule thinking no less then 9 wins. I haven’t given up complete hope with Andy & Alex but the more I review game film the less confident I get that Alex has the ability to be good enough to take this team to the playoffs even with a good OL. We have an elite RB & I think TE. WR’s are plenty good. So that leaves the OL & Alex. The OL has ALOT of work to do but Alex showed he can move the ball. Now he needs to prove he isn’t scared to fit the ball in small windows. As for the D… Well I would be here all day talking about what’s wrong! LOL

  5. I that’s the number one thing for Smith is his unwillingness to risk throws into tight windows, especially in the redzone. But that’s something good QB”s can’t be afraid to do. And the O-line has a couple of rookies essentially on the inside, Duvernay-Tardiff is a first-time starter. Just have to hope the unit grows stronger.

    – Dez

  6. It should help getting Alex Identity back when they play the Bears. Heck 3 teams last 3 games are 4-0 be lucky we don’t have Patriots, Panthers and Falcons on our schedule next.

  7. Objectively speaking I can dig the 10 spot because our defense is slowing getting to where it needs to be but not on a consistent basis yet. We have the speed on defense but we don’t have that experience with playing in a unit. And if you were to play the “what ifs” we could easily be 3-1 if not for a kicker and 4-0 if not for the patriots (wait my bias is coming out) lol.

  8. Matt you’re not bias, you are right. Steelers have been in some tough games. I see Vick getting more comfortable though and like the defense a lot.

  9. Come on fans let’s not throw in the white towel just yet there’s a lot of football to play


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