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Week 5 BES Rankings

In Week 5, the BES wasn’t as predictive as it was in Week 4, going 8-6 in accordance with its rankings. That gives the BES an 18-11 (.621) mark over the last two weeks and a 27-18 (.600) record since launching our first set of 2016 rankings after Week 2. Those aren’t bad numbers but certainly nothing worth lighting fireworks in the front yard over.

Steelers HB Le’Veon Bell

As for this week’s report, the Vikings (5-0) have recaptured the No. 1 spot atop the BES after a demonstrative 31-13 thrashing of the Texans (3-2). Their BES Overall score of 3.71 is virtually light-years ahead of the Eagles (3.22) who now reside in second place after a gut-wrenching and somewhat controversial 24-23 loss to the Lions (2-3). The Vikings will enjoy a bye in Week 6 before t to face the Eagles in Week 7, a highly anticipated clash to say the least.

The Steelers (4-1) continue their gradual climb up the BES Top-10, landing at No. 3 this week. They opened at No. 2 in our Week 2 rankings before a 34-3 dismemberment at the hands of the Eagles in Week 3 shot them down to No. 6. They’ve since recovered nicely with an impressive two-game, home winning streak marked by the return of ultra-versatile halfback Le’Veon Bell in Week 4.

The Bills (3-2) cracked the BES Top-10 this week, riding the momentum of an impressive three-game winning streak. That span of wins includes back-to-back road victories over the Patriots (4-1) in Week 4 and Rams (3-2) in Week 5. Both the Patriots and Rams ranked higher than the Bills heading into those contests, another key factor influencing their promotion to the top-10.

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  1. So I’m assuming our L to the eagles is the reason we’re #3.. I’ll live with that (for now) lol

    • Yeah that loss knocked the Steelers back a few spots and the Eagles own the head-to-head. Steelers were #2 behind the Vikings when the BES opened this season. So they’re right back on track.


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