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Week 6 BES Rankings

There was a lot of movement in the BES Top-10 this week, especially by the Cowboys (5-1) who secured the No. 2 spot after placing 8th in our Week 5 rankings. Under the steady guidance of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, the Cowboys have won five straight games with the last being an impressive 30-16 road victory over the Packers (3-2).

On the season, Prescott has amassed 1,486 yards, seven touchdowns to one interception and a healthy 103.9 passer rating. With veteran quarterback Tony Romo set to return in a few weeks, there’s a valid argument to let Prescott resume his role as starter regardless of Romo’s health. Under Prescott, the Cowboys offense is No. 3 in the BES and that’s despite the absence of star receiver Dez Bryant (knee) the last three weeks. The Cowboys will have a Week 7 bye before hosting the Eagles in Week 8.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger

The Redskins (4-2), like the Cowboys, are one of the hottest teams in our rankings and threatening the BES Top-10 at No. 11. Their sound defeat of the Eagles in Week 6 was their fourth consecutive win. However, their next two games are on the road against the Lions (3-3) and Bengals (2-4) in Weeks 7 and 8 respectively. Both of those teams have offenses that could test the Redskins’ 17th-ranked BES defense. On the other hand,  the Lions and Bengals average 2.04 in BES Overall, well below the 2.57 SOS that the Redskins have faced thus far.

The Steelers (4-2), after ascending to No. 3 in our Week 5 rankings, plummeted to No. 10 in the wake of an embarrassing 30-15 loss to the  Dolphins  (2-4). More damaging is the loss of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to a torn meniscus for which he’s scheduled to have surgery. There appears to be no definite timetable for his return but the team has already ruled him out for a critical Week 7 showdown with the Patriots (5-1).

A new addition to the BES Top-10 this week are the Seahawks (4-1) who were able to subdue the offensively explosive Falcons (4-2) in a 26-24 win that earned them their current 9th-place ranking in BES Overall. The Seahawks also rank seventh in BES Defense with a score of 2.84. They will rely heavily on the unit as they hit the road the next two weeks against the Cardinals (3-3) and Saints (2-3).

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