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Cowboys HB Ezekiel Elliot (21) and QB Dak Prescott (4) have propelled the Cowboys to the top of the BES rankings.

Week 9 BES Rankings

Saints QB Drew Brees
Saints QB Drew Brees

After a long, four-week reign atop our rankings, the Vikings (5-3) have fallen from their lofty perch, replaced by the Cowboys (7-1), winners of seven straight games.

Motored  by their offensive line and a pair of electric rookies in quarterback Dak Prescott and halfback Ezekiel Elliot, the Cowboys No. 4 BES Offense has proven highly capable of clutch plays and carrying a defense ranked 15th by the BES. The Cowboys draw a volatile Steelers (4-4) team on the road in Week 10, a game in which their offense might again be called upon for heroics.

The Chiefs (6-2) have cracked the top-5 with a fourth-place ranking that mirrors their placement in NFL league standings. They’ve landed one spot above the Raiders (7-2) whom they soundly defeated 26-10 on the road in Week 6.

The Chiefs’ offense is impressively ranked No. 5 in the BES but has taken some critical hits recently with injuries to quarterback Alex Smith (ear/head), halfback Spencer Ware (concussion) and receiver Jeremy Maclin (groin). The health of those three will be vital to any success the Chiefs hope to have on the road against the surging Panthers (3-5) in Week 10.

The Saints (4-4) enter the BES Top-10 for the first time this season after going 4-1 in their last five contests, falling only to the aforementioned  Chiefs in Week 7. Quarterback Drew Brees has averaged 325.4 yards passing over that five-game span while tossing 13 touchdowns against four interceptions for a passer rating of 107.7. Brees leads a Saints offense ranked No. 1 in the BES and will host the Broncos (6-3) No.1-ranked  BES Defense in Week 10.

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  1. The weird thing is the low score is how we pressure the opponent qb… I don’t get that I see how we control the clock and make third downs is a low score but pressure the other qb we do better..

    • Pass rush wasn’t great against Pit, Oak and Saints. Actually quite bad vs New Orleans. But they are getting better there. Over the next few weeks, you should see a spike in their Pass Pressure score, especially with Houston returning soon. – Dez

    • Chief Concerns most those quarterbacks can avoid it it’s not lack of pressure it’s just saints and Pitts qb is just good they can side step it

    • But then it’s not effective pressure if it doesn’t hinder a QB’s ability to deliver an accurate throw or shutdown the play entirely. Is pressure really pressure if it isn’t felt? .

      ….I remember last year Aaron Rodgers seemed unstoppable until he went to Denver. That’s the ultimate escape artist..Denver made him look like a rookie. Other teams may have “pressured” Rodgers but Denver’s was actually effective. That’s the difference in the BES. – Dez

    • But didn’t they have interception, a lot of dropped balls, I know Pitt didn’t but the other two? The pressure will come they can’t just stop one… Or two.. It’s going to be a lot pick your poison we won’t be like Denver Miller and ware

  2. WooWoot!! Offense-Defense-SpecialTeams!!!

  3. The offense and defense should be switching spots after this win!

  4. That’s quite possible Caleb Skaggs . I’m crunching the numbers right now. – Dez

  5. We are coming home the offense will show itself

  6. Ok so Chiefs concern if the pats lose tonight, would we be the number one seed of the playoffs started next week? Or do they hold tie breakers? Sorry kinda wondering


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